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Happiness Podcast
Happiness Podcast

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Download Episodes of the Happiness Podcast
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Success Beyond Your Imagination
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Speaking Services

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Monastic Retreat Podcast
Meditation for Health Podcast
Meditation for Health

Download Episodes of The Meditation for Health Podcast
Download Episodes of the Meditation for Health Podcast
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The Holistic Success Show

Download Episodes of  The Holistic Success Show
Download Episodes of the Holistic Health Show
Retreats & Seminars
Retreat & Seminars
Holistic Health Books and CD
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Holistic Health Books and CD
Enlightenment Podcast

Download Episodes of the Enlightenment Podcast
Download Episodes of the Enlightenment Podcast

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Dr. Puff is a regular spokesperson in the media and has appeared in the above publications


Speaking Services

Healthy Profits: When people soar, profits soar.

Take your professional business team to the highest level with Dr. Puff’s motivational speeches and coaching. You'll find the investment in your organization will reap financial benefits beyond your imagination for years to come.

"I can help your company fire on all cylinders and reach the next level of success. In fact, I want to prove it to you..."

Attention: Organizations, Corporations, and Business Owners...


Licensed Psychologist Newport Beach Dear Business Owner,

My name is Dr. Robert Puff and I am a clinical psychologist, best-selling author, motivational speaker, inspirational speaker, stress management expert, keynote speaker and business coach.

How can you motivate your employees to perform optimally at all times? What is the secret?

The truth is that employees want to be successful, both on the job AND in their personal lives.

Happy employees who believe in their own ability to succeed are productive employees… Productive employees are profitable employees.

I provide meditation training that will decrease your employees’ stress, and disability and illness rates. I will increase your employees’ ability to focus upon the task at hand, help them to navigate through obstacles to success, and improve their overall job satisfaction.

The more an employee likes his job, the more he will be committed to helping your business succeed, will strive for personal excellence, and will be able to reach team goals. Show your employees that you value them. Help your employees to succeed and you will too.

Help your employees succeed and you will

"Make Your Profits Soar by Teaching Your Employees How To Fly!"

Whether you choose a 1/2 day seminar, day-long seminar or ongoing coaching, I have no doubt that I can help you with stress management and will motivate you to increase your sales and facilitating business growth!

I can help your company fire on all cylinders and reach the next level of success.

So please, let me help you unleash the full potential of your company’s best resource, its human resource! Schedule a motivational speech, seminar, or coaching session for your organization by calling today (714-337-4889), or email me now.

Dr. Robert Puff, Ph.D., Motivational Speaker, Author, Stress Management Expert, inspirational speaker, keynote speaker and TV Show Host


In today's competitive business environment and global economy, whether you're a small company or employ a staff of hundreds, your business RELIES on the productivity of every single person on your team.

It doesn't matter if your business is manufacturing products or selling services, profits are the key to success. Retaining great talent and happy employees who are giving you their best is crucial to productivity and profit.

Dr. Puff is available as an inspirational keynote speaker at conventions, corporate meetings, sales conferences, and any other business group or meeting in which personal performance is an important part of your success.

Dr. Puff’s stress management coaching is highly effective for staff development, either in small groups or targeted, one-on-one development.

3 Proven Topics for Motivational Speeches, Seminars, or Coaching:

Topic#1: Meditation: Why & How

Meditation can help your employees reduce stress and manage certain medical conditions, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, anxiety, chronic pain, addiction, depression, and more. It can also motivate them and introduce awareness and a sense of well-being into their daily lives.

Offering Meditation training to employees can result in less absenteeism, and higher morale and productivity.

In this presentation, as a motivational keynote speaker, I'll show you why it's important to meditate by presenting research findings and discussing the many benefits that practicing meditation brings to your mental and physical health.

Research shows that meditating can actually reduce blockages in your blood vessels, significantly lowering the risk of sudden death by heart attack or stroke.

I'll explain the simple art of meditating, review different techniques used around the world, and help you to find what works for your stress management.

Meditation: Why & How participants Will Learn:

  • Medical research findings regarding the benefits of practicing meditation
  • A variety of meditation techniques: following the breath, gazing at the ocean, guided meditations, etc.
  • For the busy person, how to perform mini-meditations during a shower, gym session, or coffee break
  • How to counteract the negative effects of stress and the constant intrusion of technology
  • How to increase mental clarity
  • How to positively impact mental/physical health and longevity
  • How to develop meditation stamina and ability

I'll also customize this program to best suit the audience. My "Meditation for Health" Podcast and Meditation audio CD are also available to help participants get started on their meditation practice.

Topic#2: Focus For Success - "In The Zone" Productivity and Sales

Your employees will learn hands-on techniques for individual peak performance.

Based on my book "Success Beyond Your Imagination: Working In The Zone", I'll show you what keeps most business professionals from reaching their full potential.

Believe me, it isn't the market or the business environment, but rather one's own distracted, unfocused and cluttered mindset.

Just as professional athletes perfect their talents to a world-class level, business professionals can learn to do their jobs exceptionally well by operating "In the Zone."

Both a basketball game and a sales consultation can be won based on the same principle: Train to give a top performance, then slip "Into The Zone" for flawless execution.

What separates a good professional from an elite professional is often this ability to slip “Into the Zone."

Focus For Success participants learn to:

  • How to eliminate counterproductive mental commentary
  • How to decrease mental exhaustion and sharpen focus
  • To be in the game rather than worrying about the game
  • How to increase productivity, sales, and goal attainment
  • How to increase job satisfaction

Topic#3: Whole-Life Success

Employees desire success, both on the job AND in their personal lives.

But as I'm sure you're aware, keeping both areas at their peak performance can be challenging! Some individuals or companies gain financial success at the expense of personal health, workplace relationships, or family life.

Others have their energy and attention drained by stress or personal problems that slow down their professional success.

My inspirational Whole-Life Success presentation teaches your employees to put into place certain personal practices that increase life-satisfaction and prevent medical, emotional, or relationship problems that get in the way of professional success.

You'll learn to give proper attention to each area of your life so you can reach optimal performance at work and in life in general.

Whole-Life Success participants learn to:

  • Develop personal practices that “recharge their batteries”
  • Identify problem areas undermining overall success
  • Find healthy balance between work & home-life
  • Set a foundation for sustainable future success
  • Maximize overall wellness and performance
  • Avoid burn-out

Whole-Life Success is not just about succeeding, it's about enjoying what you've worked so hard for. I'll teach you how to recharge your batteries and love life!

A word about Dr. Puff’s Coaching:

“My passion is teaching people to experience whole-life success. I am dedicated to doing whatever it takes – from motivating and training large groups, to trouble-shooting with individuals till you experience Success Beyond Your Imagination!” –Dr. Robert Puff

I've consulted with businesses and organizations looking for advice on personal and work-relationship issues, depression, stress and anger management, and selling and management skills.

As a result of solving some of the problems your employees may be having through coaching... I can increase their productivity and morale... which will increase your business profits.

I'm available to a limited number of companies each year… Because I customize my presentations for your company’s needs to ensure effectiveness. Give your company the competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Give me a call today at 714-337-4889 or email me: I know you won’t be disappointed.

Dr. Puff is a featured blogger
at Psychology Today

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Here's what Sarah Lohin, a Jewelry Designer and Entrepreneur from Phoenix, Arizona said about Dr. Puff’s trainings...

I used the strategies and ideas he recommended in Success Beyond Your Imagination and BAM! I got it. I understood what it was that kept me from reaching that success I saw in my visions, but just couldn't make it into reality until I heard Dr. Puff speak. Something got through to me, and it turned on the switch. I learned how to always put myself in that optimal level to perform at my best. I want my competition to be left in the dust trying to compete against me!"

Sarah Lohin, Jewelry Designer/Entrepreneur, Phoenix,AZ

Dr. Puff’s clients will tell you his coaching produces exceptional results…

"Dr. Puff guides you and empowers you through your own choices to improve what you put into, and consequently, what you get out of life. A simple and profound message we all need to hear."

Chris Kennedy, columnist

My experience with Dr. Robert Puff has been nothing less than outstanding. Any business owner would benefit from what (he) has to share with you. Dr. Robert Puff is clearly very passionate about helping others. I always knew that I wanted success in my life, but the more success the more chaos. They teach you how to not only achieve success, but also peace, happiness and developing healthy relationships."

Mike Canton, Independent Roofing Business, Silver City, NM

"Dr. Puff doesn't just try to motivate people, he's a living example of self-motivation. Spend some time with him and you'll be infused with his energy, drive and spirit! Dr. Puff is a consumate pro who backs his philosophy with the systems and experience to help you achieve your goals, in business and in life. One of the best experience of my life was to see a workshop with Dr. Robert Puff & Elizabeth Cappelletti together.”

Nicola Selenu, Trainer in Effective Communication Skills,

"In Success Beyond Your Imagination, Dr. Robert Puff explains how to conquer negative mental self-talk that sabotages the ability to achieve goals. In a brilliant yet easy to understand way he reveals what winners know that enables them to overcome the devastating mind chatter and instead, be 'in the zone,' empowered to reach a new level of success"

Barbara Morris, R.Ph., Pharmacist, and author of Putting Old On Hold

"Listening to Dr. Puff is always a pleasure, for business as it happened to me. I have heard him in person on several occasions and have always found his style excellent. His voice is soothing but never boring. And his teachings have changed my way of thinking about reality. He did a great job of team building for our young company the past year."

Orlando Selenu, Computer Software Specialist, Pisa, Italy,

"I've really struggled with my career in the last few years. I'm in a commission-based sales job, and I get incredibly disappointed and frustrated when things happen that are out of my control. Dr. Puff made me realize that I must keep focusing on the fact that I enjoy my job and I'm fortunate to have something that I can be passionate about! My happiness level has increased tremendously in the past few weeks of listening to Dr. Puff's advice."

Peter McKinley, Sales Director, New York, New York

"Dr. Puff has clearly presented a practical path to “living in the zone” that anyone can follow. He identifies the negative patterns and habits that keep us from performing at our highest potential and how we can replace them with positive habits that lead to amazing results! Highly recommended!"

Al Lee, Author of Perfect Breathing

"I think Dr. Puff’s recommendations for exercise are right on. Dividing exercise between weight bearing, aerobic, and flexibility is a very healthy and simple approach to feeling better. Taking care of the physical is critical to taking care of the emotional or spiritual self."

Rick Olderman, MSPT, CPT, Author of Fixing You

"Dr. Puff's advice has shown me true happiness by realizing that I too matter. No matter what happens when I work, whether I produce or receive good results or bad, I can be happy because I received satisfaction while helping someone else. When I started working today at my job, I took his advice and despite my sales being a little less then what I expected, I helped out a needy family! Normally I get upset because I worry about doing my best on every sale, but in focusing on staying positive, I just "Let it Go". This new mindset has helped me improve my outlook. I plan to watch more of his show to better myself as a person."

Joanne Fischer, Wireless Sales Consultant, Allendale, New Jersey

"In learning about new ways to refresh and keep the mind healthy, discovering Dr. Puff's and Elizabeth's idea of holistic success has helped me very much. Listening to them speaking, I especially like their delivery because I feel as if I am having a one-on-one conversation with them. Everything is easy to understand and keeps you fully captivated. I now realize how to go the extra mile in improving my overall health. I definitely recommend Dr. Puff's and Elizabeth's holistic success!"

Dishanta Kpatrick, Entrepreneur

"Compared to other speakers its like ...Night and Day. I found Dr. Puff and Elizabeth Cappelletti to be highly professional and a great joy. I am thoroughly impressed with their knowledge. Using their programs was the best decision I've ever made. I have had to deal with more than one traumatic experience in my life, and through their support I have been freed. They have opened my eyes on everything and it makes me see life in a whole new light. The successes I've accomplished because of them are nothing short of remarkable! THANK YOU GUYS!"

Nick Bauer, Computer Systems Analyst, Wichita, KS


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Dr. Puff is a regular spokesperson in the media and has appeared in the following publications


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