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Dr. Robert Puff, Ph.D.
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Happiness Podcast

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Download Episodes of the Happiness Podcast
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Download Episodes of the Meditation for Health Podcast
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Download Episodes of the Holistic Health Show
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Download Episodes of the Enlightenment Podcast

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Guru Meditation

Juggling the demands of a professional and a personal life is always challenging. You have to give your best to both worlds and it is never easy. You can find yourself unfulfilled in either of your lives and when this happens, you need help. You need a meditation guru who can help you maintain both of your lives,an expert who can teach you techniques to cope with the pressures of both worlds, sometimes competing pressures,and emerge triumphantly. Dr. Robert Puff, an internationally renowned meditation guru, can provide this needed guidance.

Meditation - The Foremost Technique

Scientific research confirms that people who practice meditation are more productive, draw greater enjoyment from their work, and get along better with their colleagues. What's more, they are more capable of dealing with their personal life as well. A meditation guru helps them develop skills that help them to better manage their life; enabling them to do less and accomplish more. Expert advice helps them to get the better of the challenges that try to overtake their lives.

Elaborating 'Why'

Meditation can be instrumental in reducing stress and instilling a greater sense of well-being. It helps clean up the junk you unconsciously pile onto your heart, body, mind, and soul and brings forth a sense of rejuvenation. A meditation guru helps you gain clarity regarding your thoughts and inner desires, overcome stress, and enhance your self-awareness. Meditation helps one to focus on the present and override fluctuations of the mind. It is also helpful with certain medical conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and anxiety. By training with a meditation guru, you’ll gradually develop mental equilibrium, a balanced mind that is happy all the time.

The Training

Meditation is not something you can learn on your own. You need the guidance of a meditation guru to thoroughly understand and benefit from the art. Dr. Puff, a renowned meditation expert, teaches you the nuances of meditation, reviewing different techniques used across the world, and helping you to find what works best for you.

Stress Management Program by Dr. Puff

Dr. Robert Puff teaches all phases of stress management meditation. He explains how to achieve the optimum benefits of meditation for stress management, reviews various stress management meditation techniques that are used around the world, and helps you understand what approach works best for you. As a leading stress management guru, Dr. Puff also teaches mini meditation programs that can be practiced during short pauses in your day, such as during gym sessions and coffee breaks. At the hectic pace with which we all live our lives today, these mini meditation management sessions are very practical tool for the management of stress. Dr. Puff teaches you how to withstand the negative effects of stress and the constant intrusion of technology. He explains ways to increase mental clarity and positively impact your health with meditation management techniques. He also demonstrates how you can develop meditation stamina and ability, sustaining the practice for a long period of time.

Overcome your stress and begin life anew. For a personalized stress management program, contact Dr. Puff today.

What Participants Learn

Apart from teaching many useful and practical meditation techniques, such as quiet breathing, guided meditations, gazing at the ocean and more, Dr. Puff also teaches specialized uses of meditation:

  • Doing mini-meditations while in the shower/ gym/ coffee break
  • Dealing with negative effects of stress
  • Counteracting constant intrusion by today’s technology
  • Keeping cool in adverse circumstances
  • Developing mental stamina and ability

Learn to be the master of your mind and spirit. Contact Dr Robert Puff, meditation guru of international renown.  

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